Whelen 295 Series Siren

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The 295 Series is a full-function siren with radio repeat and public address, providing maximum warning protection in a compact design. Engineered as a self-contained unit for under-dash mounting, the 295 Series is available with a hard-wired or removable microphone.

Models Available: 

295SLSA1Siren Amplifier with 17 Scan-Lock™ Siren Tones
295HFS2 - Remote Siren Amplifier (Flush Mount Head)
295HFS2X - 295HFS2 with Dual Amplifiers, Meets California Title 13 Requirements
295SLSA6 - Single Unit Siren with 9-Switch Light Control and Standard Switching, with Park Kill & Timed Out Relay with 17 Scan-Lock™ Siren Tones
295HFSA7 - Remote Dual Siren Amplifier, with Flush Mount Control Head, Meets CA Title 13
295HFSC9 - Self-Contained 200 Watt Dual Full Function Siren, with Removable Microphone
295SL100 - Full Function Siren (Up to Two 100 Watt Speakers) and Heavy-Duty Microphone, 12 VDC
295SL101 - Full Function (Up to Two 100 Watt Speakers) and Heavy-Duty Plug-in Microphone with Volume Control Knob, 12 VDC