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The Total Pressure Governor Plus (TPG+) is an SAE J1939 Controller Area Network (CAN) device that controls engine speed using data communications directly to the engine ECU or through with an analog control signal. By operating on the J1939 network, the governor is able to monitor engine RPM and other pertinent data directly from the engine ECU. Engine information is available directly so that NFPA required instrumentation is delivered through a single unit saving panel space and delivering engine specific warnings as determined by each engine manufacturer. Control algorithms are optimized to take advantage of the J1939 CAN data to yield crisp and accurate control of engine and subsequently pump speed and pressure output. On units with starting with software version 7.xx the Governor when first installed and powered will step through an CAN Auto BAUD rate detection sequence. Once the Governor determines which BAUD rate the CAN bus is running on it will save it to memory. For engines that may not support the data link control, an analog output signal is available to provide precise control of the engine speed and pressure. The TPG+ saves pump panel space by incorporating easy to read numeric displays for Pump Intake pressure, Pump Discharge pressure, and engine RPM in accordance with NFPA standards.

    Kit Includes:

    • TPG+ Governor
    • Harness (Optional)
    • Transducers: Two (2) 300 PSI or Two (2) 600 PSI 
        Harness Required
        • Yes Harness
        • No Harness
        Transducer Option
        • 300 PSI
        • 600 PSI

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