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The PumpBoss 400 pressure governor uses state-of-the-art programmable microprocessor technology and operates in one of two modes, pressure or RPM. It maintains a steady pump discharge pressure within system capabilities by controlling the engine speed or holds a selected engine RPM.

While the PumpBoss is not new, the latest series PumpBoss 400 can monitor both the pump intake and discharge pressure providing improved defense against pump cavitations.

The PumpBoss 400 governor has a 4-digit LED display for engine RPM, four LED bar graphs that provide a constant display of the engine oil pressure, engine coolant temperature, transmission temperature, and battery voltage. The PumpBoss has a message display that shows the pressure or RPM setting during normal operations and fault warning alarms as they occur. When selected by the operator it will show monitored information, stored data, and program options.

Kit Includes

  • Display
  • Intake and Discharge Transducer
  • 10" Harness

 Standard Features:

  • Automatic Regulation of Pump Discharge Pressure
  • Large Control Knob - Easy to Operate with a Gloved Hand
  • Dual 600 PSI Discharge and Intake Mounted Pressure Sensors
  • Programmable Preset Settings
  • Always starts in Pressure Mode at Idle RPM
  • Displays and LEDs Automatically Adjusted for Day or Night Operation
  • Limits Increase of Pressure When in RPM Mode
  • Recognition of No Water Condition With Automatic Response
  • No Pressure or RPM Variation When Changing Modes
  • Red IDLE Button - Brings the Engine to idle RPM Quickly
  • Manual Control of Pressure or Engine RPM Settings
  • Diagnostic Capabilities
  • Interlock Signal Recognition with Throttle Ready LED
  • Retains Warning Alerts History
  • J1939 CAN Bus for Engine Information and Control
  • High Idle input for external switch
  • Audible Alarm Buzzer (Optional)
  • KPa / Bar (Optional)
Includes one Intake (XE-IO3100PT3-S0C) and one Discharge (XE-FP4000PT3-S0C) pressure sensor, along with both of the standard 12-pin and 8-pin connectors/cables.

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