Pump Boss Max with Dual Sensors, Kit
Pump Boss Max with Dual Sensors, Kit
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PumpBoss Max is designed with new technology to improve the governor's overall performance, make it easier to use, and provide exciting new features. It utilizes a large high resolution Vivid Impact™ LCD display for effortless navigation. The improved highly tactile buttons and larger control knob with bigger IDLE button combine to make gloved operation easier than ever.

With its high contrast and rugged design, the PumpBoss Max LCD display is highly visible in sunlight and engineered to perform in extreme temperatures. A custom Graphic User Interface delivers real-time, detailed pump and engine information. Operation is easier and more intuitive with the large readout and graphical symbols.

 The dual sensor model monitors both the pump intake and discharge pressure, providing improved defense against pump cavitation.

Kit Includes

  • Display
  • Intake and Discharge Transducer
  • 10" Harness

 Standard Features:

  • J1939 CAN Bus for Engine Information and Control
  • Power Up in Pressure Mode
  • Automatic Regulation of Pump Discharge Pressure
  • Manual Control of Pressure or Engine RPM Settings
  • Programmable Presets
  • Diagnostic Capabilities
  • No Pressure or RPM Variation When Changing Modes
  • Limits Increase of Pressure When in RPM Mode
  • Recognition of No Water Condition with Automatic Response
  • Interlock Signal Recognition with Throttle Ready LED
  • Return to Engine Idle with the Push of a Button
  • Displays and LEDs Automatically Adjust for Day or Night Operation
  • kPa and °C Option
Includes one Intake (XE-IO3100PT3-S0C) and one Discharge (XE-FP4000PT3-S0C) pressure sensor, along with both of the standard 12-pin and 8-pin connectors/cables.

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