Vanguard MK-1 Structural Firefighting Glove; Texas Cuff

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The Vanguard Safety Wear MK-1 TEXAS CUFF model is an extended, cuff style structural firefighting glove certified compliant to the NFPA 1971 Standard on Protective Ensemble for Structural Firefighting-2018 edition.



The glove outer shell on the palm side and along the finger sidewalls is constructed of water resistant suede goat hide. All finger tips have a separately stitched, rolled over portion of suede goat hide about 4 cm along the palm side and about 3 cm along the back side to enhance tactility/dexterity. The second palm side layer and finger sidewalls layer is 100% Kevlar knit fabric.



The glove back side outer shell is constructed of water resistant suede cowhide from the cuff edge to slightly beyond the finger crotches and also at the back of the thumb.

Second back side layer: 100% Kevlar knit running the full length of the glove

Third back side layer: 100% Kevlar non-woven running the full length of the glove



The glove inner liner is a smooth 100% Kevlar knit fabric. The glove is also fully lined with a Porelle brand, polyurethane moisture barrier which is itself certified compliant to the NFPA 1971-2018 edition Standard.



  • Cuff extension length: 16 cm from glove body edge
  • Cuff opening width: 29 cm for size 76W (LG) and will vary up/down 6 mm accordingly from size to size
  • Cuff material: 100% Nomex woven fabric lined with 100% cotton woven fabric, 300 gm/m2 weight with flame resistant finish.
  • Nomex belt with metal clip for tightening cuff
  • 5 mm wide reflective tape across cuff where it meets glove body.


Sculpted Finger Tip construction for enhanced tactility/dexterity.

Thumb crotch is reinforced with cowhide suede leather to reduce wear.

Palm layers are sewn down together to enhance grip.

The glove is stitched entirely with 100% Kevlar thread.


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