Kochek All-in-One High-Rise Building Attack
Kochek All-in-One High-Rise Building Attack
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The Kit Includes

  • One (1) Heavy Reinforced Vinyl Bag
  • Two (2) Spanner Wrenches
  • One (1) Line Pressure Gauge
  • One (1) Gate Valve
  • One (1) 2.5" Elbow with Drain



Kochek’s HiRise Kit bag is constructed of heavy reinforced vinyl with a double heavy-duty waterproof reinforced bottom and measures 18″L x 12″H x 8″W.Extra wide nylon handle straps have a snap button closure which allows quick access even while wearing gloves. Its interior provides ample space for additional items such as wedges, adapters, door stops, door straps, rope, and tools. 

When fully packed with the included items, the Kochek HiRise Kit Bag weighs 16.25lbs

Tool divider inserts attach with Velcro® for easy removal to facilitate decontamination and cleaning. The bags are black and feature sewn-on reflectors for enhanced visibility. 


2.5" Thread
  • CSA
  • QST
  • BCT
  • BAT
  • AMA
  • WCT
  • NSZ1
  • NFLD

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