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To meet the needs of modern firefighting, FRC utilizes a paddlewheel flow sensor which is rugged, simple and tough. This page provides information on the paddlewheel flow sensor, mounting options, and the requirements of for mounting locations.

Standard Features

  • No magnets in the paddlewheel rotor.
  • Completely sealed electronics.
  • Multiple mounting options.
  • Can be used on large diameter pipes


  • Body Material - Acetal (Delrin)
  • Rotor - 6-bladed
  • Rotor Shaft - Stainless Steel (316)
  • Excitation Voltage - 5 volts DC
  • Output Frequency - 3 to 150 Hz
  • Maximum Pressure - 600 PSI

Flow causes the paddlewheel to rotate on a stainless steel pin. The sensor is resistant to damage from debris in the water because the paddle is free spinning and moves with the flow. The paddlewheel revolutions are converted into electrical signals and the flow sensor provides an output signal with a frequency proportion

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