Foam Aeration / Expansion Tube for Elkhart Brass Master Stream Nozzles

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Model 251-6 Foam Aeration Tube for Elkhart Brass R.A.N™ - Rapid Attack Nozzle, 6000 Series, Hydro-Foam® HF-350/350A/500/500A, Select-O-Stream® IMS-350/500, and Select-O-Stream® CJ-B/RC/B-RC Master Stream Nozzles

  • Easy to handle and snaps securely onto the nozzle in seconds; Requires no alteration of the nozzle itself
  • The tube base features large air intakes; Expansion rates are easily varied with nozzle pattern
  • Composite, lightweight
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Tube Length: 14.75 in. (37 cm)