Elkhart Brass Ball Shut-Off with 7/8" Integral Smooth Bore and Pistol Grip

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The Elkhart Brass ball shut-offs provide an excellent foundation for your break-apart nozzle needs using either smooth bore or fog nozzles.  They are designed and constructed for rugged use and reliable performance.

This model features a built-in smooth bore which can be used with a fog nozzle tip for maximum versatility.


  • Rough chrome horseshoe handle
  • Pistol grip made from Elk-O-Lite®, an aluminum alloy
  • Single cut-away ball which combines the features of smooth operation and excellent stream quality
  • Base/Inlet: 1.5" Female NPSH Swivel
  • Outlet: 1.5" Male NPSH
  • Built-in smooth bore with 7/8" discharge size