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2.5” Innovative Controls Pressure Gauge, 0-600 PSI/KPA, Dual Read, PSI/KPA


  • Polished Stainless Steel Bezel
  • White Pointer with Orange Tip
  • Panel Mount Clamp Installed


The Innovative Controls TC Pressure Gauges have been designed to solve all of the most common problems related to ­re apparatus applications. These include high temperature gauge ­fill expansion, low temperature gauge freeze-up, and accuracy issues related to use in extreme environments. These gauges feature an over-sized internal breathing diaphragm inside the case that compensates for liquid fi­ll expansion caused by high temperatures - preventing plug failure and preserving gauge accuracy. A KEM-X Socket Saver diaphragm, located in the stem, eliminates freeze-up by preventing water from entering and/or clogging the gauge internals while containing a low temperature instrument oil that fi­lls and protects the socket and the bourdon tube. A molded glass-­filled Nylon 66 case will not corrode nor contribute to yellowing. Also, being a similar material, the case will expand and contract at a similar rate during temperature fluctuations - preventing leaks.

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