Blue Sea Sure Eject, 7851, 20 Amp Auto Eject

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Automatic AC disconnect ejects power cords upon ignition to prevent damage.
  • Includes Auto 20 Amp Sure Eject Plug - Model 7841
  • Motor driven design ensures consistent ejections for years of operation
  • Ejection piston is self-recessing with no cocking required
  • Keyed plug design for easy one handed insertion in hard to reach places
  • AC power indicating LED
  • Compatible with existing 15A and 20A plugs
  • Contoured cover prevents faulty ejections
  • Screw terminal wiring for reliable electrical connections
  • No lubrication or self-service required
  • Standard mounting holes for simple retrofit
Amperage 20A
Nominal Voltage 120V AC
Cover Included
Operating Voltage 8-16V DC
Height 6.00in (152.4 mm)
Width 3.6in (91.44 mm)
Depth 3.6in (91.44 mm)


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