Weldon V-MUX Vista IV Interface Module/Display 6
Weldon V-MUX Vista IV Interface Module/Display 6
$3,978.57 USD
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This is a full color wide temperature range vehicle multiplexing system product that is fully configurable by the vehicle manufacture. With our intuitive System Designer software, the display can be configured over 5,000 ways.


The Vista is a full configurable color display.
- Automatic Screen Switching in response to current conditions
- Sleep Mode option to eliminate night glare
- USB direct download capability for more convenient and faster downloads
- Available in panel mount or 6" arm mount.
- Operates in 12V and 24V applications
- Virtual switches
- Display inside and outside temperature
- Automatic climate control
- 100% Configurable (OEM Level)
- Field re-programmable
- Peer to peer network
- On-board diagnostics
- On-board service information
- Colors change to indicate button status
- Video Ready for: Backup camera, Thermal camera,  DVD, GPS


Note: Product price is for node only, programming available at additional charge of $100 and would require customer to supply OEM programming. 

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