The Sentry Pressure Governor System is Class 1’s latest in state of the art fire pump pressure control. Operating on the J1939 network, the Sentry is able to monitor engine RPM and other pertinent data directly from the engine ECU. This allows it to react very quickly and accurately to any change in fire pump pressure. The Sentry Pressure Governor System consists of a Sentry display, Optional Twister throttle, pressure transducers and associated wiring. It utilizes Class 1’s UltraView technology which is a custom tooled and programmed, 4.3 inch, full color LCD display with 8 buttons. The Sentry is packed with features that make it the most comprehensive and user friendly pressure governor to date. It has state of the art on board diagnostic features and is compatible with most engines.

Kit Includes:

  • Sentry Pressure Governor (Horizontal or Vertical)
  • Sentry System Harness
  • Sentry Label 
  • Transducer Option: Two (2) 300 PSI or Two (2) 600 PSI
  • Twister Control Knob Yes or No
    Horizontal or Vertical
    • Horizontal Kit
    • Vertical Kit
    • 300 PSI
    • 600 PSI
    Twister Knob
    • Yes Twister
    • No Twister

    In stock

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