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  • The sound of the Q-Siren is a registered trademark of Federal Signal Corporation
  • The distinct sound provides recognizable long-distance warning
  • Utilizes a unique clutch design that provides a longer coast down sound while reducing the amp draw
  • Beautifully streamlined and polished electro-mechanical siren produces 123 decibels at 10-feet
  • Available in traditional Chrome and Black Chrome
  • Three-year warranty


Q2B-012NNSD - Chrome, Recess Mount

Q2B-012PSD - Chrome, Pedestal Mount

Q2B-NN-BLK - Black Chrome, Recess Mount 

Q2B-P-BLK - Black, Pedestal Mount

An Iconic Fire Truck Siren
It's not a fire truck unless it's got a Q-Siren. With more than 50 years of fire service tradition and history, the Federal Signal Q-Siren® (model Q2B®) is a beautifully streamlined, chrome-plated siren designed to provide unparalleled reliability for
long-life operation. When mounted on a fire truck, the Q-Siren delivers a powerful warning sound, more than any other electromechanical siren.

The Q-Siren is available in traditional chrome and black chrome. The traditional chrome models are a compliment to the fire truck’s chrome bumper finish while the black chrome is ideal for blacked-out fire trucks.

Longer Coast-Down Sound
A heavy-duty coaster clutch is standard on Q2B models. The unique coaster clutch design enables the siren to deliver a longer coast-down sound once power is removed to reduce battery drain. The “worry-free” clutch is subject to very little wear and requires no
service attention or adjustments. Use the standard electric brake to silence the siren quickly.

Pedestal or Recessed Mounting
The Q-Siren is available in two Q2B models. The Q2B-012PSD and Q2B-P-BLK comes with a pedestal for bumper mounting and the Q2B-012NNSD and Q2B-NN-BLK are designed for recessed mounting in the bumper.

For flat and curved apparatus bumpers, a special bracket, the Q-MT, is available. This rugged, durable mount is easy to install. Constructed of tough 3/8-inch steel, the Q-MT design protects the siren from the impact of rough roads.

Hands-Free Operation
For increased convenience, the Q2B-SWKIT foot switch kit is also available. The kit comes with everything necessary to wire a foot switch to any Q2B model enabling the operator to power the siren “hands-free.”

Input Voltage 12 Vdc
Operating Current 100 A
Operating Temp. -22˚ to +149˚ F (-30˚ to +65˚ C)
Sound Output 123 dB @ 10-ft
Physical Specifications
Height 10.3 in (26.2 cm)
Width 13.6 in (34.5 cm)
Diameter 9.9 in (25.1 cm)
Ship Weight
  49.0 lb (23.0 kg)

  • Q2B-012NNSD - Chrome Recess Mount
  • Q2B-012PSD - Chrome Pedestal Mount
  • Q2B-NN-BLK - Black Chrome Recess Mount
  • Q2B-P-BLK - Black Chrome Pedestal Mount
Q2B Kit, Solenoid and Foot Switch
  • Yes Solenoid and Foor Switch
  • No Solenoid or Foot Switch
Q2B Recess Siren Mounting Bracket Kit
  • Yes Recess Kit
  • No Recess Kit

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