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Manufactured with Kochek’s quality connections and AWG’s renowned valve body, the 60K piston intake valve with relief valve features an aluminum body with stainless-steel piston to effectively and reliably control pump intake flow. The built-in elbow reduces kinking of LDH, and the optional full-time swivel storz automatically relieves twists in the hose line.

The built-in handle makes it easy to install, remove, and transport. 

Valve Body Standard Color: Grey

Supplied with a 6" F or 5" F NST/NH Swivel x 4 or 5 storz

Female Swivel Size and Thread
  • 6" NST/NH
  • 5" NST/NH
Storz Size
  • 4" Storz
  • 5" Storz
Storz Cap
  • No Storz Cap Required
  • 4" Storz Cap
  • 5" Storz Cap

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