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PHOS-CHEK® WD881 Class A foam has been proven to be a valuable tool to suppress wildland fires and for use in 5 gallon backpacks.

Since foam stretches water’s firefighting power, it is especially valuable where water availability is critically short. Foam has been shown to reduce the amount of resources and time necessary for mop-up which saves money and improves firefighter safety.

Foam can be used from the ground to reinforce a mineral soil fire line or natural fire barrier. Wildland firefighters can use foam to lay a wet line from which to backfire.

The 4 oz bottle is designed to treat a 5 gallon water backpack at 0.5% use concentration.

Class A Foam Benefits:

  • Reflects radiant heat and is highly visible
  • Insulates fuels and excludes oxygen
  • Absorbs maximum BTU's due to its large surface area
  • Clings to vertical surfaces and acts as a water reservoir
  • Penetrates water into fuels because of its low surface tension
  • Solutions made with PHOS-CHEK® WD881 are economical because PHOS-CHEK® WD881 has the lowest use rate of any Class A foam

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