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The SKE-LH 30 degree Elbow converts a Storz to a swivel long handle female thread to conveniently and safely adapt between the two popular standards. The elbow relieves strain to alleviate hose kinking. Our cast elbows are designed for a standard working pressure of up to 250 psi.

Available Sizes for Female Swivel: 4" NST, 4.5" NST, 5" NST and 6" NST. 

Available Sizes for Storz: 4" Storz and 5" Storz



Long Handle Female Swivel Size and Thread
  • 4" F NST
  • 4.5" F NST
  • 5" F NST
  • 6" F NST
Storz Size
  • 4" Storz
  • 5" Storz
Storz Full Time Swivel
  • Yes Full Time Swivel on Storz
  • No Full Time Swivel on Storz

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