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FRC INFINITY PRO Engine Throttle

The INFINITY PRO remote engine hand throttle is designed using the most advanced technology available.

This next generation of electronic engine throttle eliminates the potentiometer and electro-mechanical switches used in conventional throttles, replacing them with optical technology.

The INFINITY throttle uses an Infrared Encoder (IRE) to detect the direction and speed the control knob is rotated. The electrical signal from the encoder is interpreted by a microprocessor and the engine control signal is dynamically adjusted to allow for even the most minor corrections in engine RPM. The red IDLE button also uses optical technology and immediately returns the engine to idle when pressed.

On power up, the INFINITY throttle will start from idle regardless of the control knob position - an important safety consideration! This throttle is engineered to be extremely dependable and easy to operate with a gloved hand. The next generation remote engine throttle is here today.

 Standard Features:

  • Throttle always starts from IDLE regardless of knob position - for safer operation.
  • Complete solid state (optical) technology. No potentiometer or electro-mechanical switch.
  • Knob rotation speed determines engine responce for fast and fine RPM changes.
  • Red IDLE button immediately sets engine to idle.
  • Throttle engages only when safety interlock signal is energized.
  • FRC data link allows for multiple remote throttles.
  • Provides throttle enable signal when required.
  • Microprocessor control allows compatibility with more engines!
  • Cummins IS
  • Detroit 50/60
  • Navistar Maxx
  • Ford 6.0L 2008+

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