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Equipment Cleaner and Turnout Spotter
Spotter and Pre-Soak​ for Equipment and Turnout Gear

Equipment Cleaner and Turnout Spotter removes roof-tar, polymer resins, grease, and soot from nylon, GORE-TEX®, PBI, Kevlar®, Nomex® and polypropylene.

Fire borne soils, soot and tars all permanently collect on the active firefighters’ turnouts and equipment. Previously, the only way to remove those potentially toxic residues was with dangerous and damaging solvents or abrasive polishes. Equipment Cleaner and Turnout Spotter has eliminated the need for harsh chemicals and dangerous abrasives. Simply wipe on and wipe off all traces of soot, grease, tar and the toxins they carry.

Equipment Cleaner and Turnout Spotter is a safer, and more effective combination of water soluble, aqueous solvents and surfactants. It was designed to dissolve protein and oil based residues so they can be easily rinsed away or removed completely with standard washing or cleaning.

Use it to pre-treat turnouts before putting them in a washer for routine cleaning.

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