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  • Auxiliary Input, Ground to Operate
  • Senses current flow
  • Provides remote indication
  • Simplifies vehicle wiring
  • Single indicator operated from many loads
  • Produces flashing output signal to indicator light
  • 3 year warranty

The Auto Current F-A is an Auto Current F, with an auxiliary input, which when grounded causes the output relay to operate. When the output relay is operated, it goes "ON" and "OFF" to create a signal. The Auto Current portion of this device senses current to permit use as an open door detector. The auxiliary input may be connected to any number of switches in parallel. Closing any switch will then operate the Auto Current F-A, in addition to the current sensing. This feature makes it ideal as a detector for a "DO NOT MOVE VEHICLE" indicator. As with the standard Auto Current F, the sense terminals are wired in series with the power supplied to the compartment lights.


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