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Fabric Protectant & Water Repellent 

Fireline is approved for use on PBI®, GORE-TEX®, Kevlar® and all Nomex®.

All modern turnout gear has a water proofing agent applied during the manufacturing process. Fireline replaces that water proofing lost to wear or washing. If these repellents are not replaced frequently, firefighters may have increased stress, possible hypothermia and steam burn injuries.

Treated fabrics retain their breathability and fire resistance characteristics. In addition, Fireline helps to reduce absorption of potentially hazardous and/or toxic materials as well as potentially combustible stains and soils which may build-up on the gear. 

Recommended For:  Turnouts, gloves, uniforms, boots, rope, canvas, covers, coveralls, jump suits, protective hoods, and most all fabric.

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